The Raw Food Chat..


What is a raw food diet?

Raw food or a raw food diet is basically made up of pure, whole, living, plant-based foods which are eaten in their natural state, without cooking or processing them. Predominately, this includes fresh leafy greens, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Whats happens when we apply heat to our food?

When heat is applied to food, especially in high temperatures, it will drastically decrease the nutrients and change both the chemistry and electromagnetic energy of the food, making it detrimental to the person consuming it. Cooked foods are pretty much dead foods, they go from being highly alkaline to acidic and mucus forming which become much harder to digest, can cause loss of energy, acidosis and be taxing in the body, instead of being used for rebuilding and vital energy. No other animal on this planet cooks their food before they eat it. If you take a look at the natural world, you will never find any other living creature in the wild over-weight or suffering from serious health or digestive challenges. I believe this is because they consume the correct food for their speices -  raw, untouched and in it's natural and pure state. They're not living on the foods many humans consume on a daily basis - cooked, processed and artificial with extremely little if not any nutritional value. These are the foods contributing to the major outbreak in what we call 'disease' in the world we live in today.

By eating live foods, you create a live body - Charles de Coti-Marsh

What are the benefits of eating raw food?

The benefits of raw food are absolutely phenomenal! Eating your food whole, fresh and raw is the key to unlocking the door to true health and vitality and I believe this is when true healing takes place and magic begins in the body, the mind and the soul. I say this from personal experience. I have lived on mostly raw and organic fruit and vegetables for over a year now, this is when my body corrected and I reversed my hereditary autoimmune disease. 

We simply cannot ignore the thousands of health stories from all over the world of people accomplishing incredible 'miracles' after eating predominately raw fruits and vegetables. I believe this is the way the human body is designed to eat food - whole, fresh, organic and RAW, in it's natural and untouched state. 

Some of the many benefits people experience after adopting a raw food diet include increased energy, improved digestion, optimal bowel health, stronger immune system, clearer skin, clearer eyes, clarity in thinking, stronger hair and nails, higher sense of happiness, healing in the body and the reversal of many health conditions.


How do I transition into a raw food diet or simply start to incorporate more raw foods?

Firstly, before you begin I would highly recommend you to educate yourself as much as possible to ensure you are providing your body with all of the essential needs. It is also important to remember that you eat enough food. You will need to eat much more than what you would normally eat for sustained energy. Some great websites to check out for further information are and

The best way to start is by simply beginning to replace some of your cooked meals for raw foods. Below are some ideas to help you.. 

One idea is to replace your meals with raw food during the day time and a healthy cooked meal for dinner. Visit as they may help you with some ideas for this approach.If you wish to go further, you could then start to eat the raw portion of your evening meal before the cooked part and eventually you will be ready to begin your fully raw journey by starting with one full day of eating raw food. 

Another idea that works for many individuals is to start by eating all raw food during the week and allow healthy cooked meals in the weekends. Continue doing this until you are ready to replace the weekend meals with raw meals as well. You will begin to notice the incredible benefits and the difference in how you feel from consuming mostly raw, living foods and your body will love you for it!

If you do not wish to go fully raw, you could perhaps aim for a healthy alkaline lifestyle of at least 80 percent raw foods, and 20 percent or less healthy cooked foods such as sweet potato, steamed veggies, soups, brown rice, quinoa etc. 

Note: If you are transitioning from a highly acidic diet (consisting of mostly meat, dairy and processed foods) and/or are consumed in a highly toxic environment with many chemicals, it is recommended that you take more of a gradual approach in transitioning. This will prevent your body from detoxing too rapidly and help you to avoid experiencing heavy symptoms.

Will I experience detox symptoms?

It is important to remember that you may experience some detox symptoms as your body begins to cleanse and heal on some level. This is a natural response when one stops overloading the body with toxic foods and chemicals. The symptoms usually range from mild to moderate depending on the toxicity of your body, your environment and how committed you are to eating a raw, live foods diet and making healthy lifestyle choices. The duration of these symptoms will vary from person to person depending on each individual, their lifestyle and circumstances. Symptoms may last anywhere from a few days to weeks or even months. Some of the most common symptoms include cold and flu-like symptoms, tiredness, runny nose, mucus, digestive challenges, skin changes and break outs, mild headaches, swollen glands, weight loss and many more. Trust in your body, it knows exactly what it's doing and these symptoms are positive signs that your body is beginning to heal, rebuild and make new and healthy adjustments.

Note: As mentioned above, if you are transitioning from a highly acidic diet, you will naturally experience heavier detox symptoms. For this reason, it is advised to transition slowly by slowly reducing those acidic foods (meat, dairy etc) as you increase your intake of pure raw food.