Animals and Environment


Consuming a plant-based diet is not only beneficial for our health but it will also directly save the lives of many innocent animals and will dramatically lessen our human footprint on the environment.. 


Supporting the production of animal products is directly supporting the mass murder of innocent animals. This actually makes me sick and to me personally, it shows just how far we have come from our natural intuitions. Just because something has been done for thousands of years or has become tradition, doesn't make it ok. Majority of people (not all) who consume meat or animal products will buy them directly from a butcher or a supermarket, pre-packaged and ready to eat but most have not seen the process of how that package got there in the first place - the farming, the slavery, the fear and the slaughter. The inhuman way that majority of these animals are farmed and then killed is simply incomprehensible and unexceptable. 

It is estimated that over 56 Billion farmed animals are killed each year, not even including fish or sea-life. Our oceans are being completely slaughtered and because it is so hard to measure, it continues practically un-patrolled, around the clock, every single day. For a species who love animals, how does this all make sense? How can we love our dog or cat like a child, yet ridicule other animals to a life of slavery and death?

Ever so slowly, animal loving people are becoming aware of their hypocritical point of view and some are even choosing to become vegan purely for these animals - which is amazing!


Did you know that Animal agriculture is the leading cause of Global Warming, Deforestation, Species Extinction, Water Depletion, Ocean Dead Zones? 

Methane gas levels have spiked dramatically to dangerous levels in recent years directly related to the increase in animal agriculture around the world. Methane is the primary component of natural gas and is considered a greenhouse gas, like carbon dioxide because it absorbs the suns heat, warming the atmosphere. 

In Brazil, 91 percent of the Amazon rainforest that is being cut down, (often referenced as the ‘Lungs of Earth’) is to raise animals for food. Unfathomable amounts of Fresh water is needed by animal agriculture.

Ancient aquifers and springs are being depleted much faster than they can be formed. Rivers and oceans are being polluted from animal agriculture waste and poisons completely destroying fresh-water eco-systems and then further flowing into the ocean. 

This is real, these are real issues happening in our society. They are destructive to our planets health and are simply not sustainable for future generations.


The above is a heavily abbreviated form of the basic information on how a plant-based diet can benefit many animals and our environment but I hope it has inspired you to look deeper and do your own research to become more aware. Yes, you can contribute to our earth in a positive way by purely eating plant-based! 

Ignorance is bliss, but ignorance will not create awareness which leads to change. And change needs to happen - for our health, for the animals and for our planet. Below is a list of recommended documentaries to help further your knowledge.

  • Cowspiracy
  • What the Health
  • Earthlings
  • Forks over Knives
  • Racing Extinction
  • Before the Flood